Most of the car owners want to sell used cars for cash, this process might look quite easy but selling a used car in a car market as savvy as UAE car market is quite a challenge in itself. Most of the car owners do not research about the current market situation or the car value and straight away go to a car dealership, this can be very damaging. In some cases, car owners visit the private car dealers and sell their car without any car value proof. Car dealers usually detect easily if the car owner is a first-time seller, this is the reason they offer relatively lower price. Here are some of the common mistakes that most car sellers make while selling a car and easy way of avoiding these mistakes.


Sell Used Cars for Cash to Classified Websites

With the recent advancement in technology, more people are relying on online buying and selling, no doubt this process is quite easy and the buyer can simply pick the suitable car. However, while selling a car on a classified website you are compromising your security for no apparent reason. Most classified websites require the seller to provide the contact details, which means you will be required to add your contact number, a high-quality picture of your vehicle along with a description that completely explains the functioning, make, model and performance of your car. Some scammers act as serious buyer and contact the seller, only to rob them later. This is one of the reasons frequent car seller, avoid to sell car for cash via classified websites.

Handling the Paperwork

To sell used cars for cash, the car owner must have all the paper ready before contacting anyone for dealing. You must have registration paper, maintenance record, insurance papers and warranty papers with you. Transferring the registration is another important step of selling a car, once you are have sealed the deal with the buyer, it is important to transfer the registration process. Most of the times, people hand over their papers without transferring the registration of the vehicle and as a result, the buyer keeps using the car with the same registration. Many cases have been reported where due to the negligence the vehicle was still registered in the name of the seller and got involved in some criminal activity. Handling the paperwork is quite important but a lengthy process, however, there are companies that offer to handle the paperwork but obviously, you need to pay something in order to avail their service.

Best Way to Sell Used Car for Cash

The best way to sell your used car for cash is by selling a car to car buying professional, they handle the paperwork without any service charges and also pay the seller via bank transfer on the point. They have experts for physical inspection of the vehicle and make sure that the process is easy, convenient, fast and secure for the seller. With the help of all the possible problems that people face while using other methods, these companies have devised a protocol to minimize and completely eliminate the chance of any problem. Their standard protocol procedure includes a stepwise system including the physical inspection, paperwork handling, payment procedure and easy valuation process without any service charges or commission.